Life as I know It

why does college only offer so many classes during spring term. I’m trying to get my school done and over with and your not helping!

Definitely changing my school schedule next term. two classes maybe three tops. (WORK OVERLOAD)

Puppy Pictures :D

JayJay, he’s grown so much since Jason first got him for me. I loved how tiny he was and his big ol’ floppy ears and paws. Now he’s a munchkin, but I definitely love him to death :D

February Seventh ‘12

The New Year has finally took place and I have to say - I’m quite happy at where I am right now. I’m definitely focused in school (for the most part - at least caught up with homework) and working forty hours a week at a new place I enjoy working it.

As far as having time for anything, I can honestly say - I really don’t have time. And I would like to apologize in advance to those I’ve ignored and will ignore in the future. I’m just so short in time and would rather spend time with my puppers JayJay and lovely boyfriend Jason then spend time out and about with other people, just because I hardly see them. <3

But anyways, I’m here on tumblr, just to keep people updated about myself. If you have nothing better to say, might as well just keep it to yourself, cause I really don’t have time to listen to a pointless rant.

Well toddles :D